Konferenzen 2017

Konferenz Twitter Ort Datum Awards
NDSS Symposium https://twitter.com/NDSSSymposium San Jose, CA, USA 26.02-01.03 Distinguished Paper Award: MIRAMIRKHANI, Najmeh; STAROV, Oleksii; NIKIFORAKIS, Nick. Dial one for scam: A large-scale analysis of technical support scams.
IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy https://twitter.com/IEEESSP San Jose, CA, USA 22-24.05 Distinguished Paper Award: BHARGAVAN, Karthikeyan; BLANCHET, Bruno; KOBEISSI, Nadim. Verified models and reference implementations for the TLS 1.3 standard candidate.

Distinguished Practical Paper Award: FRATANTONIO, Yanick, et al. Cloak and Dagger: From Two Permissions to Complete Control of the UI Feedback Loop.

Distinguished Student Paper Award: CARLINI, Nicholas; WAGNER, David. Towards evaluating the robustness of neural networks.
EUROCRYPT https://twitter.com/IACReurocrypt Paris, Frankreich 30.04-04.05 Best Paper Award : Joel Alwen (IST Austria), Binyi Chen (UCSB), Krzysztof Pietrzak (IST Austria), Leonid Reyzin (Boston University), Stefano Tessaro (UCSB). Scrypt is Maximally Memory-Hard
Detection of Intrusions and Malware & Vulnerability Assessment https://twitter.com/DIMVAConf Bonn, Deutschland 06-07.07